REF No. 6527
Chinese porcelain famille rose charger showing the peach banquet

Yongzheng period circa 1735
European Market
Diameter: 21¼ inches; 54.5cm

Price:   £40,000

A massive Chinese porcelain charger brightly painted in famille rose enamels with an elaborate central scene of Chinese deities attending a banquet, the rim with reserves of precious objects on a yellow cell diaper ground.

This wonderfully painted scene shows the peach banquet in the Kunlun mountains at which the eight immortals replenish their immortality by eating peaches grown by Xi Wangmu, the Queen Mother of the West and consort of the Jade Emperor.

Most of the people in this scene can be identified.
A:  Liu Haichan, a Daoist xian (also equated with the God of Wealth, Caishen). He is often depicted with the three legged ‘money toad’, Jin Chan, shown here on his shoulder emitting a vapour from its mouth.
B:  Zhang Guolao - with bamboo tube
C:  Cao Guojiu - with castanets
D:  Lan Caihe - with basket of fruit
E:  Han Xiangxi - with a flute
F:  Li Tieguai - with double gourd and crutch
G:  Magu holding a lingzhi fungus, on her boat with two attendants
H:  Xi Wangmu, wife of the Jade Emeperor, riding a phoenix (fenghuang) with an attendant holding a fan
I:  Zhongli Quan - leader, with belly exposed
J:  the Star God, Shoulao - with exaggerated forehead
K:  He Xiangu - she has a lotus flower
L:  Lü Dongbin - (no sword)


Chinese porcelain famille rose charger showing the peach banquet