REF No. 6761 GG
GG: Chinese export armorial porcelain teapot stand, arms of Percy impaling de Touchet or Fane

Kangxi/Yongzheng period circa 1722-30
English Market
Diameter: 5 inches; 12.5cm
from the Golden Gate Collection

A Chinese export porcelain armorial teapot stand of lobed hexagonal form with a central coat of arms, painted in rose verte enamels.

This little piece is an example of the type of fascinating puzzle that can keep enthusiasts of heraldry and genealogy entertained for hours. Previously unrecorded this purports to show a marriage between a male Percy and either a de Touchet of France or a Fane/Vane, though none has been found in the records during this period.
The dexter coat is the quartered arms of Percy of Northumberland and Lucy of Cockermouth (or a lion rampant azure quartering gules three luces haurient argent). They have been quartered thus since the marriage in 1381 of Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland to Maud Lucy, heiress of Cockermouth Castle, Cumbria.

The male lines of the Earls of Northumberland had died out by the end of the seventeenth century and the Earldom was recreated in 1722 for Algernon Seymour, 7th Duke of Somerset, the grandson of the 11th Earl who had died in 1670.
Under the coat is what appears to be a swan holding branches in its wings and a red label with three bars in its feet. This label is used to denote the eldest son - and significantly it was added to the arms of the famous Harry “Hotspur” Percy, son of the 1st Earl, who died in 1403 at the Battle of Shrewsbury.

There are two possibilities for the sinister coat:
1. (Azure three hands appaumée or) is for the French family of de Touchet, from Notre Dame du Touchet, near Mortaine, in Normandy. Their crest is a swan, (sideways with one wing up). The de Touchets were Seigneurs of Beneauville, from the 13th C until the Revolution. They were distantly related to the Tuchet family, Barons Audley and Earls of Castlehaven, but they had different arms.
2. (Azure, three sinister gauntlets appaumée or) for the related  Fane/Vane families, (Fane, Earl of Westmorland etc) and (Vane of Raby Castle, Baron Barnard, Earl of Darlington, Duke of Cleveland etc) both springing from different sons of John Vane of Tunbridge, Kent (d1488) and bearing the same arms. The hands could be armoured gauntlets, (they do seem to have lines across them) though in most drawings of these arms they look more like mittens. This would make more sense as, like the Percys, the ‘Fanes and Vanes’ are a widespread family. No marriage has been found for either family but could be hiding in some obscure collateral branches of the family trees.
Fans of heraldic puns will enjoy that this has three pikes for the coat of Lucy (Latin for a pike is lucius) and that the charge for the Touchets is a hand.


GG: Chinese export armorial porcelain teapot stand, arms of Percy impaling de Touchet or Fane